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The Salty Dogs Barkery is born out of pure love for our furry family and we sincerely hope that your best friend enjoys the teats as much as we like to make them. Our fresh baked cookies are made using carefully selected all natural ingredients, then slow baked to create a healthy & fresh dog treat for your best friend. 

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Living Your Best LIfe

May 15, 2022 Derek Amalfa

Our lifestyle is about living more care free, good snacks, love and living your best dog life.

Do What You Love 💖

Mar 22, 2022 Derek Amalfa

Thank you to each and every follower, customer and supporter of Salty Dogs Barkery!

Seaweed Snacks Healthy Training Treats

Mar 15, 2022 Derek Amalfa

Seaweed Snacks, healthy ingredients & great taste make it the perfect training treat.

Healthy Treats, Healthy Dogs

Mar 14, 2022 Derek Amalfa

Dogs know the difference, good treats for good dogs, Salty Dogs Barkery