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Cow Ears

Cow Ears

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Treat your pup to a special snack!" From crunchy, juicy beef ears that are 100% pure and additive- and antibiotic-free! Our Beef Ears provide your pup with the ultimate tasty treats!

No need to worry about fishy smells or questionable contents. Our Beef Ears look, aroma, and taste like real beef...because they are! This is something that even the pickiest dog will go wild over. Plus, chew time gives your pup the added benefit of dental health through the natural abrasiveness of these treats.

Your best friend deserves only the best in gourmet treats - make it happen with our Beef Ears today! Not only will you give them an amazingly delicious snack, but you'll also need a whole lot less mess from their regular snacking routine. Buy now and get ready for tail-wagging fun all day long.

 Always make sure to select an appropriately sized chew for your dig’s size and chewing style, and supervise your pet while they enjoy this item

Ingredients: Beef Ears

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