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Bog Dog

EM Tick Collars

EM Tick Collars

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This EM Tick Collar made from EM Ceramic beads, Silicone Beads and paracord is the perfect natural tick repellent for your dogs. These tick collars are made with strong paracord and plastic adjuster perfect for outdoor doggy adventures and waterproof. EM-Ceramic beads contain microorganisms (EM®) that disrupt tick receptors, making it difficult for them to sense your pet.

Activate your collar:
Activate the EM-Ceramic once a month by placing the necklace in clean water for 15 to 20 minutes and allowing it to air dry in the sun.

Key Features

Natural cedar beads contain cedar oil which is a non-toxic and natural tick and insect repellent.


Each includes 1ml of Bog Oil, adding to the natural, non-toxic tick/insect repellency from the cedar oil contained in the beads.
Add More Oil to collar as necessary

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