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Jolie Paw

Pinecone Enrichment Toy Food Dispenser

Pinecone Enrichment Toy Food Dispenser

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Elevate your pet's playtime and treat sessions with our Pinecone-shaped treat dispensing toy! Designed to baffle, bemuse, and engage your furry friend.

Safety Note:

While the toys are resilient, they are not indestructible. Always supervise your dog during playtime, and discard the toy if it becomes damaged to ensure your pet's safety.

Key Features

Versatile Treat Options: Fill this interactive toy with a variety of treats, raw foods, kibble, peanut butter, or blueberries. The possibilities are endless, ensuring your pup never gets bored.

Split Design: The Pinecone treat dispenser can be easily split into two parts, each capable of carrying treats. This feature adds an extra layer of intrigue and keeps your pup engaged.

Mental Stimulation: Keep your dog's mind sharp and active as they work to retrieve their favorite treats from the Pinecone's crevices.

Freeze for Added Fun: Take the challenge up a notch! Freeze the filled Pinecone toy to create a longer-lasting and refreshing treat experience, perfect for hot summer days.


Dishwasher safe


9cm x 9cm x 12cm

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